What is GPS Tracker?

Satellite trackers are small devices with variety of specific features such as tracking the location which is the most important function of it. You can tracke your vehicle‘s location exactly by just putting this device in it.

Satellite trackers are made up of three hardware components: 1.GPS 2.GPRS 3.GSM

1. GPS: this part is used to transfer geographical coordinates like as length, width and height with GPS (global position system) or GNSS (global navigation satellite system).

2. GPRS: or internet connection port is used to transfer data received from GPS satellite to destination (monitoring servers) and receive information from destination which is called TCP connection.

3. GSM: this part is used in installing GPRS ports but most of the tracker manufacturers use it for purposes other than tracking, for example receiving reports via SMS. Todays some companies use this port for tracking when GPS connection is disconnected which is called LBS and uses coordinates of the cellular towers. LBS (local based services) positioning is not as acurate as GPS and is used just to find range.

It should be noted that dataes received from GPS satellites are based on mathematical equations and in order to monitor and analyze these equations a particular destination server is needed. Most of the Iranian companies which provide this technology use European and Chinese servers for monitoring these informations. Given its history and experience our company employed experts and started setting up native servers which are typical and significant in regional level.

Todays satellite trackers are good alternatives to car alarms. Our companie’s satellite trackers in addition to the exact positioning of the car include several deterrent features for car theft which works without any geographical restriction and informs vehicle owner from any distance for any action done on car.

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